Another Free Manufactured Spending Deal

Thanks to Yazing, I came across this American Express deal for fee free Gift Cards when using code ADAYP16.

Shopping for American Express gift through Yazing will yield 1.5% cashback HOWEVER be sure to only buy cards of $200 value or less, otherwise your purchase won’t qualify for cashback.

I bought 5x $200, paying just $8.95 for shipping fees (Note, Amex has another coupon code for free shipping but it can’t be combined with the fee free code; you get to use only one code)

amex fee free card screen shot

And there you have it! Another easy way to meet the minimum spending requirement or MS FOR FREE!

Amex Gift cards aren’t the easiest to liquidate due to not being able to set a pin, thus they cannot be used as debit cards. You can always use them for daily spending, also Pointchaser has a nice write on how to get money orders using ACGs. Thanks2016 promo code – Meet minimum spend while making a profit

Giftcardmall Thanks2016 Promo code current promo gives $2 off Visa Gift Card fee when using code Thanks2016. Combine this with ebates‘ %1 cashback, you will end up covering all fees and making a profit!

Here is the break down:

2 x cards at $500 = $1000

fees: 2 x $5.95 = $11.9

Thanks2016 promo code $2 X 2 = -$4

free shipping  = $0

Cost before cashback =  $1007.9

Purchase Fees after discount  = $7.9

1% ebates Cashback:
0.01 x $1011.9 = $10.119 (ebates rounds it off to $10.12)
For whatever reason ebates gives cashback on the order total before the discount. I have done this back in March with a $2 off promo code + ebates:

Giftcardmall order confirmation order confirmation

ebates cashback on a order of $1011.90 order

ebates first cashback
ebates cashback on order of $1011.90


Cost for 2 x $500 Visa Gift Cards with $2 off promo and ebates cashback: $10.12 – $7.9 = $2.22!!!!

You are earning miles/points and getting a nice little profit as the cherry on top.

This is my favorite manufacture spending technique. You can easily meet the minimum spend buying Visa gift cards and liquidating them through money orders.