The Most LUXURIOUS FIRST Class Experience For JUST $5.60

Etihad First Class Apartment has been a dream of mine since literally the day I applied for my very first travel credit card. Words cannot describe how much I obsessed (and still do) over flying in my own suite! I watched YouTube reviews, read blogs, scoured the net for photos of the apartment…(yeah it got a bit unhealthy) Continue reading “The Most LUXURIOUS FIRST Class Experience For JUST $5.60”

Manufactured Spending Flowchart

I have been into travel hacking for about a year and half and I would consider myself an expert having accumulated and redeemed close to 2,000,000 points thank so to mainly manufactured spending.

When you’ve been immersed this hobby for a long time I find it difficult to explain it to others because I don’t even know where to start. To most people, what we do is completely foreign, others would Continue reading “Manufactured Spending Flowchart”