Travel Hacking and Programming

Amassing points is the easy part right? but what about spending them.

What do you do when you have points spread over different programs?

I find it extremely annoying (and time consuming) to search 4-5 different websites and figure out which flights I can book given my frequent flyer account balance and I am always left with the nagging question “am I getting the best redemption?” 

Yes I know about It’s a great tool but it does not show bookable award flights.

Well given that I’m a software engineer, I though there had to be a solution.

I present you Live Awards

caseinpoints live award availability service
Live Awards availability search

I have been working on flight award search tool for a few months. The idea stemmed from being in this hobby for over a year and realizing that redeeming points for flights is as difficult as earning them.
So I set out to create a service that searches award availability showing required points + fees with features including sorting and filtering; just like you would find on a travel website.
It also displays transfer partners for each flight. The service covers Star Alliance and most OneWorld partners (with  more Alliances to be added in the future). You will have access to
live award flight availability
(not estimates or award charts). I have many more ideas to improve the service but first I would like to get a feel of how you guys interact with the site

PS: Site is not yet mobile friendly. It is currently hosted on an azure sandbox, it’s not the most powerful so please be patient if there is a lag.

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