Cathay Pacific First Class – Just The Two of Us!

Flying first class truly redefines your view on travel. A long haul trip does not have to be miserable and it’s great way to end a vacation without feeling the post travel blues. Cathay Pacific first class did not disappoint

I got to fly Cathay Pacific first class from Bangkok to Boston and to my surprise my girlfriend and I were the only passengers in the six seat cabin!

The Flight

Bangkok – Hong Kong CX 754 – A350

The first leg was from Bangkok to Hong Kong in business class aboard the beautiful A350. It was my first time on the newly delivered airbus. It felt “fresh” and modern. The seats were very comfortable. The only downside is that it was short 3 hour flight.

The Main Event – Cathay Pacific First Class

Hong Kong – Boston CX 812 – First class – Beoing 777

We had the opportunity to visit Cathay Pacific’s First class lounge – The Pier. Hands down the best lounge I have ever visited (It deserves its own review)

I had asked to change our seats for the longer leg route upon checkin in Bangkok. The agent was more than happy to do so. I didn’t ask whether the cabin was full but I had a sneaking suspicion because he didn’t mention anything about blocked seats.

We boarded the airplane and were met with a warm welcome. Upon showing my boarding pass, the flight attendant directed me toward my seat and proceeded to say “This is your seat but you two are the only guests tonight so feel free to sit wherever you want” Yes!!!!!

Cathay Pacific first class suite
Cathay Pacific first class suite

I was beyond elated. I mean flying first class is an experience in of itself but having the entire cabin to yourself is something I only dreamed about.

The service was impeccable. The flight-attendant-to-passenger ratio was 1:1 😉 yet it never felt too intrusive or overbearing.

What struck me is how friendly and relaxed the staff was. I’d say the service rivals that of Etihad First class apartment but this flight in particular felt more special for obvious reasons.

Romantic dinner at 30,000 feet!

The head FA was more than happy to set up my suite for a romantic dinner. The table was beautifully set up and I love how meticulous everything was.

Dinner for two aboard Cathay Pacific First class cabin
Dinner for two aboard Cathay Pacific First class cabin

I was not too hungry so I ordered the Duck soup with Vermicelli and my girlfriend got the steak which was perfectly cooked and tasted great.

Steak dinner Cathay Pacific first class suite
Steak dinner Cathay Pacific first class suite

And of course the customary group photo with the First class crew

Group photo with Cathay Pacific first class crew
Group photo with Cathay Pacific first class crew

Cathay Pacific has earned my loyalty when it comes to traveling to Asia. I loved the attention to details and food quality.

It was a memorable experience  and I will definitely fly with them when my plans take me to that part of the world.

What is your favorite First class experience?

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