Get This Card Before It Is Gone!

Rumors are circulating about the looming Marriott and SPG merger in August.  While nothing is concrete yet, a FT user leaked what the program might look like:

But the more disconcerting news is a comment posted on OneMileAtATime indicating that the SPG airline transfer program is being discontinued.

I just called SPG customer service, they were not aware of any changes to the airlines transfer program or whether it is being discontinued. The agent stated that I could make a transfer right now if I wanted to.

What Does This Mean For Us

We know for a fact that Marriott and SPG will be merged into one program under Marriott’s management.  Would this mean the end of the SPG card as we know it? What about the transfer program?

SPG is one of the most lucrative reward programs thanks to its wide transfer network and 25% bonus for every 20,000 points  transferred to participating frequent flyer accounts.

Losing the SPG AMEX card would be a huge hit to my Manufacturing Spending habits but the Marriott program, as it stands now still has some nice benefits.
The Hotel and Air package is still a terrific deal way to redeem points. Obviously the airline transfer has more flexibility, but if you’re transferring large amounts of points, the flights and hotels is more lucrative.

marriott air hotel package

I recently took advantage of a Hotel and Air package by redeeming 270,000 (90,000 starpoints) Marriott points for 132,000 United Miles and a 7 night certificate stay at Category 1-5 hotel. I plan to use those 132,000 miles to fly Turkish business class!

On the other hand, doing a straight SPG to United transfer of 90,000 would have netted me only 111,000 United miles.

Earn 25,000 Bonus Starpoints


I want to point out that these are just rumors and comments posted in different travel hacking communities. However there has been enough chatter where it’s worth a post of its own. We know for a fact that that a single program combining Marriott/SPG will be created later this year.

How would this change your MS habits?

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